in the hands of she who knows...

“Whispers Rumours and Gossip” floods the campus of the school that governs the universe, by the actions of she who knows the facts: Beth, “the corporation of espionage”, is the only Jem at Jilliahsmen Trinity who knows the secret passage way up the schools chimney sweep, that leads to the vent beside the high shelf in the Principal’s Office. Through this vent, upon this high shelf is the most illuminating view in the entire universe, for it is here that is mounting page upon page to ultimately forge, THE JILLIAHSMEN TRINITY BOOK:

The Jilliahsmen Trinity Book is a feature prop within the book and film itself, where it's students, in consideration of their universal powers, are quite appropriately deemed religious-type figures, where every "breath" on campus must be constantly documented, by the almighty eye of Jilliah from the cosmos, in a very fact-matic, non-emotive, exactly-like-a-screenplay-manner, to let be told in dialogue and action alone to whom ever may stumble upon this book throughout eternity, exactly how it was heaven or hell was made on the rock called earth by the school that ran it all. JILLIAHSMEN TRINITY
(This 110 page manuscript, that is the holy grail of Jilliahsmen Trinity can be purchased by aspiring Jems at JilliahsmenTrinity.com for 150.00 USD.)





Lead Characters:
- Beth, House of Payseur, “Corporation Of Espionage”.
- Samantha, House of Webb, “Corporation of Social Media”.
- Remona, House of Jesuit, “Corporation of Religion”.
- Alfred, House of Rockefeller, “Corporation of America”
- Gabriella, House of Rothschild, “Corporation of The Universe”
- Hoit, House of Springstein, “Corporation of Vision”
- Elliott, House of Windsor, “Corporation of Corporations”
- Jack

Running / Rating

3hrs and 05 minutes.


New York’s Broadway, London’s West End and select international venues.


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